Annick Tumolo MS CCC-SLP speech language therapy testimonials

Mrs. Annick is God sent! She has been by far the best speech and language therapist we have ever worked with! Before working with Mrs. Annick our son Mateo was struggling to communicate clearly and because of his speech and language difficulties he lacked self confidence. Mrs. Annick’s positive and caring approach to Mateo’s speech and language difficulties made it so easy for him to trust and open up during his sessions. Mrs. Annick really took the time to understand what Mateo needed and developed ways of working with him which she knew would be interesting for him. With her caring and understanding support it also helped us as parents alleviate our fears and made us feel less isolated. In addition Mrs. Annick works in partnership with us and our son’s preschool to develop a program to help and support his development in speech and language. Ms. Annick is an invaluable help to our son Mateo. Honestly I can’t thank her enough for the work she’s done and continues to do for our son Mateo.
Marie, Redwood City, CA
Our family was lucky enough to have Annick work with our daughter to help increase her expressive language skills through fun interactions such as reading and discussing stories, playing new games and role playing. R was three when she began working with Teacher Annick and looked forward to seeing her in our home each week. Working with Annick was also a very positive experience for my husband and me. She came to our home and was always on time and well prepared. She explained her methods and the results she hoped to achieve with knowledge, enthusiasm and humor. As the therapy progressed, she kept us informed of progress and celebrated milestones. We were sad when our daughter “graduated” from working with her. I would encourage any family considering therapy for their child to work with Annick. I could not recommend her more highly.
Brenda, Redwood City, CA
If you are looking for a knowledgeable, caring and creative therapist, look no further, you have found her! Annick and I worked together for four years in a local school district, where her colleagues (myself included) recognized her passion for speech therapy and elected her to be the lead speech therapist. Annick has a strong understanding of speech and language development and a wide repertoire of treatment strategies. She utilizes a child -centered approach to work with families and children. If your child needs speech therapy, I wholeheartedly recommend Annick!” – Jennifer Lopez M.S. CCC-SLP, previous colleague
Jennifer, San Carlos, CA
Annick is an amazing therapist and greatly helped our son Tynan with the development of his speech. Annick is enthusiastic, encouraging and really established a wonderful rapport with our son. She made our weekly sessions fun, while maintaining her professional side.  Our son looked forward to his time with her, as she made him feel comfortable and at ease. She had a clear plan and specific goals for Tynan. After just weeks of working with my son we could see results. Annick also gave my husband and I exercises and guidance on ways in which we could help our son on a daily basis. I cannot recommend Annick enough and I would not hesitate to use her again. Thank you Annick for making an amazing impact on our family, the work you do is life changing!
Matt & Nikki Sullivan, Redwood City, CA
I highly recommend Annick Tumolo. She is a skilled and experienced therapist who has worked with children of all ages, both in private practice settings and in school districts. She is extremely knowledgeable, always up to date on the newest research and evidence based practice, and she works creatively to find the best ways to implement these practices for each child individually in order to maximize their progress. For Annick, it is clear that being a speech language pathologist is not only a profession, which she excels at it is a PASSION. Annick is extremely dedicated to each child and each family that she works with. She is easy to relate to, FUN and full of energy. Her compassion and enthusiasm for working with children shines through in all that she does, not only as a therapist but as a mother as well. She also knows the ins and outs of therapy in an educational setting and can be a great resource for parents of students who may need support and advocacy in regards to school related services. Annick truly is an amazing therapist that any family would be very lucky to work with.
Kirsten, CCC-SLP, Colleague